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Green Building

Sustainable Building Practices

Construction Code Services supports sustainable building practices on many levels. We recognize the need to support and promote Green technologies as an increasingly important part of our building future.

Transforming your property into a Green Building

Green Building Ideas for Existing Commercial Buildings
Commercial buildings are responsible for approximately 20% of the annual energy consumption in the US. That number can be improved upon not just by building new efficient buildings, but also by green retrofits of our existing buildings.

The following handouts provide comprehensive information for transforming your commercial property into a Green building. (Many of the ideas apply to residential property too).

Managing your building's energy (pdf)
Green your HVAC system (pdf)
Green Plumbing (pdf)
Lighting options (pdf)
Roofs, windows and walls (pdf)
Alternative energy systems (pdf)
Gray water (pdf)
Resources (pdf)

Other Sites for Green Commerical Buildings
Tool base Services
Whole Building Design Guide
US Green Building Council
Alliance for Sustainability
US Environmental Protection Agency
US Department of Energy

Green Building Ideas for Residential Buildings
Many green options cost the same as conventional construction. Most of the ones that cost more will save you money in lower energy bills or lower maintenance bills over the lifetime of the investment.
Green Building for Residential Property
Green Building Options
Green Buildings Options Checklist Handout (pdf)
New Owners Energy Saving Tips (pdf)
Guide to Energy Efficient Appliances

City of Minneapolis sites with Green Living information

Commerical recycling ordinance
Residential recycling program 
Minneapolis Transportation
Farmers Markets
Minneapolis Rain-Gardens

Green Building-Demolition, Deconstruction and Recycling of construction debris

Almost all portions of a house or building can be re-used or recycled. The following sites can direct you to where to take construction debris and salvage:

Financial Incentives for Building Green

City of Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) Programs CPED 2% Loan Program
City of Minneapolis Green Business grants and incentives
Energy Efficiency Improvement Program Trillion BTU Program (pdf)
State of Minnesota Energy Information Center
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency Home Improvement Loans for Homeowners Energy Savings Rebate
State of Minnesota 
$olar funding available  MN Solar Funding
Xcel Energy Rebates and Incentives  Xcel Energy Rebates and Incentives
Center Point Rebates and Incentives CenterPoint Energy Rebates and Incentives
Center for Energy and the Environment with Center Point and Xcel -Home Energy Squad

Solar Energy—Renewable Energy

Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
Solar Systems-Residential Check List

Last updated Mar 27, 2015