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2013 Sealcoating – Plan for Rough Riding and Walking Conditions on Some Streets

Beginning July 9, a number of Minneapolis streets, alleys and parkways will be resurfaced through a process known as sealcoating. City crews will cover about two or three locations each weekday, completing the citywide effort by late July. The sealcoating process involves spreading stone chips over liquid asphalt. The stone chips are then compacted in the liquid asphalt and excess chips are swept up about one week later.

Due to the loose stone chips, the sealcoating process can create potentially hazardous conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians. “Loose Gravel” signs will be placed at the start of all sealcoat locations and at all street and trail crossings. Sealcoated streets and parkways will remain open, although bicyclists and pedestrians are encouraged to use alternative routes. If you must travel on these streets, please use extreme care and caution.

While sealcoating creates rough riding and walking conditions in the short term, the process does extend the lifespan of pavement by protecting from solar and water damage. Sealcoating also increases pavement friction, which improves safety, especially during the winter months.

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Last updated Jul 8, 2013