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2011 Downtown Street Resurfacing

Click to see larger map of 2011 Downtown Street Resurfacing

Project Type:

Several downtown streets are scheduled to be improved in 2011. The City will be replacing the top 2 or 3 inches of old pavement with new pavement within the streets shown above in orange or yellow. Follow the links on the left margin for more information.

Project Limits:

Please follow the links below for the 2011 downtown resurfacing schedule information and other information specific to each street.

Construction Start Date:

Downtown resurfacing began July 25th with 3rd St S.

Length of Construction:

Paving work on each road segment took one week or less.

Traffic Impact:

The work was performed during full and partial road closures this summer and fall.

Project Updates:

Downtown resurfacing was completed September 17th with 6th St S.

Last updated Apr 23, 2012