About the Metropolitan Airports Commission

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) is a public corporation created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1943 to plan and coordinate aviation services in the Twin Cities area. MAC operates Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and six general aviation airports. A 15-member board of commissioners governs the MAC. The Chair and 12 members are appointed by the Governor and the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul each appoint one person. The policy direction given by the MAC is carried out by the commission's senior leadership and staff. The work of MAC is funded through rent and fees collected by the airports, and by user fees paid by travelers. 

Attending MAC Meetings

The Commission typically meets once a month at MSP Airport. There are also subcommittees which take a closer look at issues of planning, the environment, finance and management. The public may attend these meetings but needs to follow a few steps to get into the secured area. You can also watch the regularly scheduled meeting as they are live-streamed, or later on video. 

To attend a meeting:

 For more information, call MAC at:  612-726-5555



Last updated Oct 6, 2016